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When offering research on the quality we always insist on, we must charge a premium price. In investment research, as with most things, you get what you pay for.

These links will enable investors and other advisors to source ‘third party’ perspectives on any of our Explorationist, Developer, and/or Producing Participants. Even further ‘due diligence’ for your mining and investment research.

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Fundamental Research
Research Analysts

Fundamental Research Corp. is an independent equity research firm. They provide their subscribers with the highest quality fundamental research on smaller cap companies from a value-based perspective.  They are registered as a securities adviser with the British Columbia Securities Commission (registration is in no way an endorsement from the BCSC).

Founded in 2003, during the time when the large investment banks were being investigated for producing research influenced by investment banking, they thought to themselves “there must be a better way to produce research”.  They then applied the same model used for many years in independent debt research, by firms such as Moody’s and S & P, to equity research.  Like the debt rating agencies, revenues are generated by selling research to issuers and subscribers; they have no corporate finance or brokerage operations to potentially influence our research.  To learn more about the problems of traditional research visit Be in the Know!

Their competitive advantage lies in their research team.  For highly technical industries such as mining and biotech, they pair their financial analysts together with experienced industry experts to ensure thoroughness and quality.

The CPM Group
Research Analysts

CPM Group is a leading commodities market research, asset management, and investment-banking firm. CPM focuses on various commodities markets worldwide including precious metals. With twenty years as an independent company, CPM consistently delivers unique, unbiased market-leading research and services to clients ranging from individual investors to leading international organizations worldwide.

After review of the free sample of CPM Market Views weekly commodities commentary provided for the readers of our site, you may find great value in visiting the link to the CPM Group Store where you can review the comprehensive work assembled in their collection of CPM Yearbooksfor each of Gold and Silver and Platinum.

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To subscribe to CPM Market Views or to purchase any of the other publications please click on the CPM Group Store link: